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Ha Chong-hyun

Ha Chong-hyun (born 1935) is one of Korea’s most acclaimed artists and a leading member of the artistic movement known as Dansaekhwa. Ha’s own multifaceted practice was expansive: moving from gestural abstract painting in the style known as “Korean Informel,” to geometric nonfigurative painting, to conceptual sculpture and installation that audaciously experimented with materiality and spatiality and revolutionized modern art in Korea. Ha Chong-hyun is the most comprehensive publication to explore the artist’s work to date. Hundreds of full-color images gorgeously illustrate Ha’s four decades of art making. Major new texts by scholars and art historians Kyung An, H.G. Masters and Barry Schwabsky incisively explore Ha’s work and the broader movements in Korean art of which he was a part, from Dansaehkwa to the Avant Garde Association.

Foreword by Alfred Pacquement
Text by Hui Kyung An, H.G. Masters, and Barry Schwabsky

Physical description:
Hardcover, 266 pages
Seoul: Kukje Gallery; New York: Gregory R. Miller & Co., 2018
ISBN: 978-1-941366-16-5
10 x 13 inches
Weight: 5 lbs. 

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