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Lauren Quin: My Hellmouth

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The paintings of Los Angeles–based artist Lauren Quin have mesmerized audiences with their electric colors and pulsating lines. Her compositions contain an intricate language of overlapping shapes (most recently, Légeresque tubes), engendering a dizzying multitude of compositional center points. Each painting features motifs—spider, needle, sun—which she then transfers onto the canvas through a monoprint technique. 

My Hellmouth is the first comprehensive monograph on Quin, accompanying her 2023 solo exhibition at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art. Featuring a foreword by Nerman director JoAnne Northrup, essays by art historian Fanny Singer and artist and writer Juliana Halpert, and an interview with the artist by curator Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer, My Hellmouth also provides insight into Quin's artistic process. 

Physical description:
Hardcover, 100 pages
Overland Park, KS: Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, 2023
ISBN: 9780971298538
10 x 12 inches

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