San Diego Union Tribune: Four Local Sculpture and Mixed Media Artists Honored with San Diego Art Prize

July 26, 2023

Cameron Fozi

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Much of the Turner Prize-nominated artist [Anya Gallaccio]’s work is of an ephemeral nature—relying on organic materials to construct site-specific installations. The result is a body of work that often has its own lifetime within an exhibition period, Bullock said. 

At the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego in 2015, Gallaccio showcased a 3-D printer she and her students programmed to incrementally layer tubes of clay to form a nine-foot-tall miniature version of Devils Tower in Wyoming. Illustrative of Gallaccio’s protean variety of work, the clay slumped over the course of the exhibition, refusing to adhere to the intended shape. In a similar vein, the artist’s installation “preserve ‘beauty’” featured 2,000 flowers tacked to panels on a wall; as is expected of cut plants, they dried and sometimes fell onto the floor of the gallery.

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