RAM Galleri: Acaye Kerunen in conversation with Joakim Borda

April 14, 2023

Watch here

Acaye Kerunen sits down with Joakim Borda, director of RAM Galleri, before the opening of Kerunen's exhibition Sacred Rain, to discuss her practice and the work on view at RAM. 

Kerunen's practice is constantly challenging the status quo: through her work, she seeks to dismantle the hierarchies of fine art and craft, elevating women’s labor within socio-political systems. She often commissions primary women to create baskets, tablemats, winnowing trays, and other functional items before reimagining them as assemblage installations. Materiality is central to Kerunen’s artistic practice, and her mutable, expansive installations can be understood as living artworks. Through her intuitive use of material, color, and form, the artist creates enthralling biomorphic abstractions that envelop viewers into their folds. 

Together with fellow artist Collin Sekajugo, Acaye Kerunen was included in the first Uganda National Pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale in 2022, which was also awarded the Special Mention jury award together with France. 

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