Broadcasts: Screening | Thornton Dial

Blum & Poe Broadcasts presents a series of videos sharing artists' anecdotes and narrations from behind the scenes.


Broadcasts is pleased to present a short film on the life and work of the late artist Thornton Dial (b. 1928, Emelle, AL; d. 2016, McCalla, AL), produced in conjunction with an exhibition of the artist’s paintings and assemblages presented at TEFAF New York 2022. 


This presentation for TEFAF New York serves as an abridged introduction to the twenty-eight years Dial spent creating an extensive oeuvre that tells of such struggles as the Black experience in the Jim Crow South and issues of identity and representation in the contemporary world. The presentation and this corresponding film take the viewer on a journey traversing themes embedded in the long genealogy of Black creativity, the transformation and symbolic energies of salvaged materials, the fragility and persistence of human life, and the realization of a triumphant, enduring legacy. 

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