Theodora Allen, Cosmic Garden VII, 2018 (detail), © Theodora Allen.
Broadcasts: Listening | Theodora Allen (Part 3)

Shared in three parts over the course of three weeks, Theodora Allen offers a series of readings of selected poems by Oscar Wilde, James Tate, and Richard Brautigan. From notions of reckoning, introspection, eternity, and temporality, these poems share themes with Allen’s own painting practice. 

Hand lettering: Nik Gelormino

This week Allen reads The Nature Poem (1959) by Richard Brautigan, a poem which examines the endlessness of time and the futility of resisting it. Our protagonist explores the condition of having nowhere to go and taking all night to get there, time stretching on aimlessly. 

The Nature Poem
Richard Brautigan

The moon
is Hamlet
on a motorcycle
coming down
a dark road.
He is wearing
a black leather
jacket and
I have
to go.
I will ride
all night.

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